To place an order, follow the steps & place your order through our Website.

We got all sorts of payments to offer you a great service. Simply order through our website & use your shopping card.

Re-stocking a certain style depends on the amount of demand it’s got. However, our clever group of Sales Representatives will surely send you similar items.

Our Standard delivery is within the country 2-5 days, but packages sent to the outside from the country will only take 1-5 weeks.

Let’s hope you get lucky! You can only change as long as your package has not been dispatched from the premises. Just send a message to the platform you ordered within 10-25 minutes & if in case it’s still not dispatched, then yes you can get it changed.

Well, it’s simple! You can check it through our website or just send us a message to us, and our Sales Representatives will share you all the details associated with your package.


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